The Rick Joyner Experience

Rick Joyner delivers a lively, upbeat and highly entertaining radio show. Features include "Your Thought For The Day", "Community Event Calendar", "Consumer Wednesday" and "Healthy Thursdays". The Rick Joyner experience provides a positive, family friendly excursion from the hustle of morning with the best music, up to date news, thought provoking topics of conversation and hilarious entertainment to wake you up and help you see more.

The Gospel Express

A program designed to stay in touch with the working class professionals, as well as a loyal audience. Morgan Dukes focuses on her audience, sharing insightful information that covers a wide range of topics. Some of the unique features include “A Moment with the First Lady”, “This Day in History” and “Let’s Talk About it” are all geared to encourage and inspire the thousands of listeners that tune in daily into the Gospel Express.

The Brother Marlon Show

Inspiration, laughter and praise for your ride home with The Brother Marlon Show. Be blessed by great music, and compelling conversation about the happenings of the day! Enjoy the ride and let everyone know, "I Praise with Brother Marlon!"

Evening Inspirations

It’s time to relax, relate and restore with Evening Inspirations hosted by Jackie Campbell who will take you on a motivational journey to keep you inspired, enriched and empowered … while helping to put your mind at ease in the eve of the day.